About Us

When I was a mom I fell in love like I never been before. The man of my life was born, my son, who taught me how to be a better person and how to value things I didn’t even consider until then. So I decided I wanted to stay connected to babies and children forever and, bringing back an old dream, Le Petit Chiffon was born. A brand dedicated to the little ones.

The idea was born from the wish to create products that could make life easier for both babies and parents, making them more comfortable. That is why we want to be a multi-purpose brand, including clothing, decoration, childcare and advice. And never forgetting the “to have fun” part of it all. Because for me, playing is a serious business.

Le Petit Chiffon is a 100% organic cotton brand, with little special details that make the difference, such as the springs on our tops that can be adjusted to the size of each baby.

From 0 to 36 months you can find a little bit of everything from underwear, outdoors clothing, beachwear, accessories and, bedding. A world of ideas for the well being of the little ones, to offer them all the comfort they deserve and to follow them through the most important phases of their early lives.